Fashionable designs

Our design and product development team identifies new fashion trends by visiting fashion shows and exhibitions as well as by drawing inspiration from fashion magazines and other media. We transform contemporary ideas for designs, fabrics and colors into customized products to meet the lifestyle needs of our target group.

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Own brand segments

Our brand products can be divided into the product groups: casual footwear, such as fashion shoes, sneakers or canvas shoes and casual apparel, such as coats, jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, shirts and jeans. FAST’s own brand products are available for both, male and female customers.

Image: Own brand segments

Distribution network

The retail sales capacity and geographical coverage are key factors taken into account when selecting our sales channels. Furthermore, we have exclusive distribution arrangements with almost all of our distributors. We require them and the sub-distributors to operate their retail outlets according to our retail standards so that we can maintain a consistent brand image.

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High product quality

We believe that our stringent quality control procedures combined with our strong design and product development capabilities allow us to offer high quality and fashionable casualwear products, and therefore, ensure our competitiveness in the casualwear market in the PRC.

Image: FAST Casualwear high product quality

Brand awareness

One of our main strategic objectives is to increase brand awareness for our branded products in our core market China. Our marketing strategy is two-fold: First to establish brand awareness through mass media advertisements as well as uniform shop appearance and second to promote seasonal products through quarterly sales exhibitions for our existing or potential new distributors

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In the past, we promoted our brand through TV commercials and appointed Will Pan, a pop star from Taiwan, as its brand ambassador in the years 2005 and 2006.
Through our website we promote new products, enhance brand recognition and receive feedback from our customers. For each season, we publish a product brochure which is provided to its distributors.

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